Handcrafted Decorative Boxes

Walnut jewelry box with a stunning Maple Burl lid

Walnut and Maple Burl Jewelry Box

I’m  just a simple cabinet-maker from Oregon who would rather be fishing than working. Making decorative boxes actually started when my cousin and I saw some boxes in a gallery that were literally nailed together with siding nails and selling for $200 to $300 ! They were terrible and naturally I commented that I could do better, so here’s the direction my efforts have taken me.

Pictures of my boxes are limited, so I’ll put what I have on a couple of pages here, just to get the ball rolling.  These first couple of years I’ve pretty much stayed with a few simple designs, but the direction now seems to be toward more artistic work. Wooden knobs and handles are replacing what you see here and now I’m moving on to some drawers in boxes and some oddball shapes and sizes.  I’m basically just going with the flow of people’s comments and wishes for different types of boxes.

This website is going to be an ongoing process, so please bear with me. I’ll add more pictures as I get them and design more boxes as my ideas take shape. Due to the nature of the woods I use it’s impossible to duplicate exactly any of these boxes. Each piece has it’s own characteristics and no two pieces are alike.

Feel free to give me a call or drop me an e-mail with any questions or comments. If you see anything you like or have an idea of your own, I’ll see what I can do to help.

Lacewood Keepsake Box

Lacewood Keepsake Box