Five year old Steve hard at work raking the garden

Humble beginnings

Yep. That’s me with the rake. Work, work, work…

I  started learning woodworking probably around the same time that picture was taken. First came the doghouses and the tree forts (with custom handrails and steps, of course) and by the time I was 15 years old I was building houses full time with my uncle. The problem with building houses though was all the heavy lifting involved, so I started leaning towards the finish carpentry and cabinetry side of things.

Having spent my entire life here in Oregon and among the Redwoods of Northern California there has never been a shortage of beautiful woods to work with. Redwood and Maple Burls, Myrtlewood, Claro Walnut and occasionally my favorite Box Elder. It was simply a matter of time before I started making decorative boxes from all the woods I enjoy using.

These days I have a nice shop set up in my home allowing me to work on my projects as the inspiration hits. What started as a way to satisfy that desire to create, has now become an interest in seeing how my boxes can bring enjoyment to others and even fill the needs they may have.

Just had to make mention of my passion for fishing. As you can see this also started at a very young age and as soon as I can figure out a way to combine woodworking with a trip to the river I’ll be a happy camper, indeed.

Maybe not all work

So wander around my site a little and tell me how we can create something that will meet your needs and look great in your home or office.